The minivan is only mini by name. There is plenty of room for enjoyment and excitement during your travel. Whether you are travelling with seven friends for a cross-country adventure or want to take your family on a road trip, the minivan rental service is ready to bring the magic and enjoyment. If you don’t believe it, opt for a Minivan Hire Melbourne from Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs for your next road trip and experience the difference. Spacious, comfortable, and safe, the minivans are the best in convenience and excitement.

Unlike sedans and luxury cars, the minivan won’t need as much gas. It has a little engine that can beat the rival SUVs in power while staying efficient in fuel consumption. The removable and flexible seating abilities allow you to fit up to seven people with ample luggage room. Even if you have a small puppy travelling with you, there is a low floor within hopping distance for the pet, and wide rear doors offer easy access. So book your Minivan Melbourne today to grab the best deals and rates.

  • Luxury Mini Bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter)
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Luxury Mini Bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter)
  • Luxury Mini Bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter)
  • Luxury Mini Bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter)
  • Luxury Mini Bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter)
  • Luxury Mini Bus (Mercedes Benz Sprinter)

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Minivan Hire Melbourne

What is Minivan Hire?

The minivan rental or hire is a service where a car with 2-3 rows of seats is used and it can fit 5-9 passengers comfortably. The passengers can configure the seats as they want or remove the extra seats for more cargo capacity depending upon their needs.

Usually, the vehicles used for Minivan Car Hire Melbourne are slightly larger than the standard-sized vehicles and sedans but smaller than the passenger van. Most of the minivans are designed with the capacity to accommodate around 7 passengers making them the perfect choice for a family adventure or small group trip.

For airport transfers and corporate events, luxury 7-seater SUVs are used for Minivan Hire Melbourne Airport in order to accommodate extra cargo if need be.

If you need a more spacious vehicle for cross-country tours with your family or friends, consider hiring the 8-seater minivan rental service with more space for each passenger. Passengers will find great minivan models for airport transfers, cross-country trips, and family vacations on our website so please feel free to browse and choose what best suits you.

What are the Benefits of Minivan Hire Melbourne?

When planning a holiday with your friends or family, you often worry about the destination and accommodation. But reaching your destination is half the fun, so preparing for your trip with a Minivan Hire with Driver from Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs is the way to go. These minivan rentals are suitable for large groups or families travelling with kids and pets. So if you don’t own a minivan, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy after hiring a minivan rental for your next trip.

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  • Spacious and Comfortable – Road trips or a vacation with family and friends can make you feel claustrophobic, but it is not the case when hiring a minivan rental. Minivans are great for passengers who love to stretch their legs while riding. They get sufficient room for leg stretching and all the required comfort during their voyage. Passengers can even pack a cooler and keep it within reach, right in the middle of all the co-passengers. It helps limit the stops for drinks and food during your road tripping. Families with less than seven members can enjoy extra room for pets and kids to stretch out. When kids have enough room for enjoyment, it can make their trip more memorable.
  • No Need for Pre-Trip Tune-ups – With Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs’ minivan rental in Melbourne, all the expenses and tune-ups before the ride go out of the window. All minivans are cleaned and well-maintained regularly after every ride. The vans are sanitised for the safety of the next passenger. You will be stepping into a minivan free from tire and engine issues and a well-sanitised car. Passengers are likely to enjoy cleanliness in the car which can make their trip more enjoyable and safe.
  • Avoid Wear and Tear on Car – Many passengers experience the convenience of the Minivan Hire Melbourne because they are not likely to pay for the wear and tear incurred during the road trip. Passengers don’t have to worry about breaking down or adding miles to their car, and it means they won’t have to fork out any repair bills that may incur after the road trip.

One can enjoy these benefits by hiring the Cheap Minivan Hire from Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs. Let’s have a look at the minivans that are used for minivan rental services.

Types of Minivans for Rental Services

Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs’ Minivan Hire Melbourne offers competitive rates and
an extensive range of minivans for rental services in and around Melbourne.

For families with 5-7 members who want to enjoy extra space, the service provider offers a premium 8-seater minivan. For large groups with more than 8 passengers, there is an 11-seater black, limited-edition, custom-built Mercedes Sprinter Van that is the ultimate choice for road trips and sporting teams. It is fully equipped with leather seats and red stitches as well as free Wi-Fi access as well as many other amenities.

When booking a minivan for your next road trip or a family vacation, check out the fleet of reliable vehicles from the experts in Minivan Hire Melbourne at Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs. You can reach the executives at the official phone number or drop an email. You may also fill out the online form to get free quotes from the company to decide on your budget. So make your next road trip memorable and remarkable by hiring the luxurious, roomy, comfortable, and well-maintained minivans from the reliable Minivan Hire Melbourne.

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I had the pleasure of Using Hardy and His Brand New Mercedes Sprinter Van . We had a whole wedding party in the 11 seated, everyone was comfy and the driving was A+++. I cant recommend enough . Thanks for making our day Perfect

Gloriya Dominic

I hired Merc Sprinter for my daughter’s first birthday. Hardy was very professional and punctual.We had a smoother ride from our house to the venue and back. All my future travel arrangements are sorted.

Olivia Beck Hughes

Hardy was extremely helpful in organising last minute transport for our wedding! He was on time, cars and vans were clean and tidy. Would defi get transfers through Hardy and Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs again!

Beck Morrison

Hardy and his team of professional chauffeurs are exceptional. They go above and beyond to provide an elite service. Would highly recommend.

David Falzon

Hardy and the team are a well organized, service levels is outstanding and the cars are well presented. thanks again Hardy and team.

Shevin Samarasena

Amazing service with classy vehicles and drivers. No doubt you will be highly satisfied with your ride. I would highly recommend this chauffeur service for anyone and any occasion.