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As soon as the term ‘chauffeur service’ pops up, people usually presume it to be an unnecessary expensive affair. However, it is not more an extravagant expense but a matter of sheer comfort and enjoyable time. If you also have been thinking alike, we are here to walk you through the ample perks of this facility. Our previous clients also agree with us and are thankful that they chose car rentals for their personal and professional trips. Take this chance and experience this luxury even in an affordable range with Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs.

We provide experienced, punctual, and professional chauffeurs for a wide range of tours like Melbourne private tours Yarra valley, and many more. Have a look below to acknowledge the different occasions that call for a private driver and a rental ride.

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Occasions When Our Chauffeur Is Available At Your Service

Many times, people presume that there will not be a transport suitable service for their specific touring needs. It is not the case with us; we will be more than pleased to add something new to our portfolio on behalf of your request. We have also added baby and booster seats after seeing the constant demand for both of these. So, the below list is only a sneak peek into our range of services; do not hesitate to ask for any other rental purposes.

Music Festivals– The vibe at a live concert or karaoke is one of the kinds that are undoubtedly beyond any explanation. Attending such a show can transport you to another world of sheer thrill. If you are planning to get yourself and your dear ones this wowing experience of live music, it is a strong recommendation to book a private ride with us.

You will not have to worry about missing any song or artist just because you kept looking for a parking slot. Or even worse, there have been incidents where people missed the entire music session just because they got stuck in traffic. Our chauffeur will drop you at the location on time for sure and will hunt for a safe parking space so that you do not miss a beat of the music.

Winery Tours– Another delightful experience would be to visit a vineyard and if this is on your list already, go ahead and book a ride with Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs. These outings certainly need a chauffeur because drinking and driving go along neither legally nor personally. Also, having to focus on driving after sipping on the finest wine can even kill your buzz; so, it is better to hire a driver.

Our well-trained chauffeur will pick and drop you off safely so that you never have to go through the nightmare of the drink and drive penalty. You can go on a vineyard trip alone, with a partner, group of friends, bunch of colleagues, or members of the family. We have premium minivans and four-seater to accommodate everyone. Add a royal touch to your fine wine time with our Audi 8, Mercedes S Series, and more plush cars.

Sporty Matches– Are you a sports enthusiast who loves to catch on all the on-ground action live? Well, even if you are not one among the many, you should have this experience at least once in a lifetime. Watching sports live instead of online or on TV is so much different and stirring. Rent a chauffeured car to enjoy such thrilling moments without any worries of traffic, parking, etc.

We at Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs respect the value of time; thus, we ensure sending punctual drivers for you. Imagine missing the historic shot or the action of your favorite sportsperson for being late due to traffic or no far away parking. It would be a bummer and a waste of money spent on the ticket. Live every moment by reaching the stadium with our skilled, professional, and promising chauffeurs.

Celebrative Times– There is ample occasions that call for a private get-together with your near and dear ones. It can be a family holiday, wedding function, birthday celebration, surprise proposal, or any other special day. In all these situations, it is best to contact a vehicle rental service so that you enjoy the moment more and worry less about commuting. There should be no room for delays in all such awaited times.

You can trust us for taking care of your luggage for such private travels. Our helpful drivers will be happy to help you with loading and unloading heavy suitcases at every stop. You will never have to go through the hassle of booking a new cab while exploring the holiday destination with us. Pamper your bride, groom, guests, kids, partner, parents, or anybody else with our pre-booked private luxury ride.

Office Purposes– A rental car is not just for personal purposes but official ones also. There are times when you have to receive a significant client from the airport or drop them back. Or, it can also happen that you have to reach another office for a high-end meeting. In both these situations, it will be essential to get a chauffeur guaranteeing you timely and professional services.

Leave an everlasting impression on your prestigious client by sending a car from Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs at the airport itself. Our polite and disciplined driver will ensure a comfortable ride for your guest without any delay and trouble. And, if you have such a requirement for yourself, the perks are the same for you. Reach the office in a plush car to make a grand entry in the given timeframe.

Let us know if you wish to add more occasions for private tours and rental vehicles

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What can we offer for a private tour?

Besides punctuality, you will find plenty of more goodies at Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs. We understand that you will have kids with you for a private tour, and they are little bundles with overflowing playful energies. We promise to provide a safe ride even for your tiny tots with our baby seat facility.

Not just this, we also have female chauffeured cars for the times when you are planning a girls’ day out. Feel free and safe even while going for a party at night with only females in the car. Our women drivers are exceptionally fabulous at doing their job so that you can relish a worry-free time.

It is worthy to mention that we are Covid Safe providers of rental rides and take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe ride every time. Our vehicles and drivers go through regular tests for the best experience. Convey to us your date, time, location, and other details for estimates. Book your private travels with us now for a comfortable time.

Words from Our Customers


I had the pleasure of Using Hardy and His Brand New Mercedes Sprinter Van . We had a whole wedding party in the 11 seated, everyone was comfy and the driving was A+++. I cant recommend enough . Thanks for making our day Perfect

Gloriya Dominic

I hired Merc Sprinter for my daughter’s first birthday. Hardy was very professional and punctual.We had a smoother ride from our house to the venue and back. All my future travel arrangements are sorted.

Olivia Beck Hughes

Hardy was extremely helpful in organising last minute transport for our wedding! He was on time, cars and vans were clean and tidy. Would defi get transfers through Hardy and Melbourne Deluxe Chauffeurs again!

Beck Morrison

Hardy and his team of professional chauffeurs are exceptional. They go above and beyond to provide an elite service. Would highly recommend.

David Falzon

Hardy and the team are a well organized, service levels is outstanding and the cars are well presented. thanks again Hardy and team.

Shevin Samarasena

Amazing service with classy vehicles and drivers. No doubt you will be highly satisfied with your ride. I would highly recommend this chauffeur service for anyone and any occasion.